Walmart 11/Set/2017 – current

Project: Feeds

Company Business Sector: E-commerce

Project Business Sector: Digital Marketing

– Development a backend based on microservices developed with Java 1.8 and SpringBoot 1.5.6.

– Generate a file with products and offers of the Walmart and then send it to partners like as google and others.

– Refactoring the system to attain scalability and high availability.

– Build and consume services through REST API’s.

– Maintain the system working on production environment and implement new features.

Technologies: Java 1.8, Graylog 2.2, ElasticSearch 2.3.5, Redis 3.2.9, NewRelic, Jenkins 2.x, Spring Data, Hibernate 5.0.12, Spring-boot 1.5.6, RabbitMq 3.7.2, Swagger 2.7, Scrum, REST, OracleDB 11g, Junit 1.5, Code Review, Gradle, Git 2.13.3, Feign 9.3.1, Mockito 2.8.47, SpringCloud Dalston.SR4, SqlDeveloper 17.x, Intellij Community 2017.1, Sonar 2.x., Spring Security 1.5.8, Lombock 1.8, Gradle 1.8, Gitlab 9.5.x.

Walmart 29/May/2017 to 08/Set/2017

Project:  Atlantic

Company Business Sector: E-commerce

Project Business Sector: Post-purchase

– A backend based on microservices developed with Java 1.8 and SpringBoot 1.5.6.

– A frontend implemented with Ruby 2.4.0.

– A workflow system developed with Ruby 2.4.0.

– Developing REST API’s to integrate with other systems like as: IMS (Inventory), OMS (Order), etc.

– Maintain the all ecosystem working, implement new features.

– Build new microservices and monitoring the environment of production.

– Build and consume services through REST API’s.

Technologies:Java 1.8, Graylog 2.2, ElasticSearch 2.3.5, Redis 3.2.9, Docker 18.03.1-ce , Docker Compose, SonnarQube 2.5 , Swagger 2.7 , Spring Data, NewRelic, Ruby 2.4.0, Jenkins 2.97, Spring-boot 1.5.6, Ruby in Rails 4.2, RabbitMq 3.7.2, Scrum, REST, OracleDB 11g, Junit 5.0, Git 2.13.3, Hibernate 5.0.12, Intellij Community 2017.1, SqlDeveloper 17.x, MySql 8.x., Maven 3, Gitlab 9.5.x.

Open source project 11/Nov/2017 – current

Project: Native Cloud Application

Company Business Sector: Open source

Project Business Sector: IT

– Development a Native Cloud Application using: SrpingBoot 1.5.x, Spring Cloud Edgware.RELEASE, Spring Config, Spring Eureka, Spring Zuul, etc.

– Implemented of CQRS approach.

– Build and consume services through REST API’s.

Technologies: Java 1.8, Maven 3, Spring Cloud Edgware.RELEASE, Spring Boot 1.5, Spring Admin, Spring Eureka, Spring Accurator, Spring-Retray, Spring Zuul, Spring Config, Spring Security, H2Database, Swagger 2.4, Feing, Jetty, , Gson 2.8.x, MongoDB, RabbitMQ 3.7.x.

Stefanini/Cielo 15/Feb/2016 to 26/May/2017

Project: Credenciamento

Company Business Sector: Financial

Project Business Sector: Credit Card

– Design the architecture of the project.

– Technical leader.

– Integrated the system with other SOA system solution using Oracle Suite Buss, BPEL, etc and other system running in Mainframe.

  It using JSM and WebLogic as the main mechanism of communication between systems.

  Developed a spring batch module to process files in batch.

  Developed a dashboard to visualize statistics and messages to be recovery using Angular2.

Technologies: Java 1.7 and 1.8, Angular 2, TypeScript 2.x, Eclipse, SOAP, SpringBatch 3.0.x, JSF 2.x, PrimeFaces 6, WebLogic 12.2, Jenkins 2.x, Sonnar 2.x, PMD, CheckStyle 6.11.x, Spring-boot 1.x, JMS, Hibernate 3.6, Scrum, OracleDB 12g, Swagger 2.x, Junit 1.4, Code Review, SVN, Microsoft Visual Code 0.x, Cucumber 1.1.5, EJB 3.x.

Digix 10/Feb/2014 to 02/Nov/2015

Project: Horus

Company Business Sector: Government

Project Business Sector: Document Management System

– Development a system to process document using OCR.

– Development a complex and efficiently system based on Threads.

– Technical leader.

Technologies: Java 1.7, Tesseract V3.03, Postgres 9, Hibernate 4.x , JavaScript 6,JSF 2.2, PrimeFaces 4.x, Spring 3.x, TomCat 7, SqlServer, Jenkins 1.5.x, Sonnar, PMD, CheckStyle, Scrum, Junit 1.4, Maven 3, TDD, Apache Solr 4.4 , Code Review, Pair Programming, Git, Mockito 1.9.5, Selenium 2.43.x, FlyWayDB 3.0.

Javana Jan/2013 to Feb/2014
Project: Javana

Company Business Sector: Clipping

Project Business Sector: Webcrawler

– Developed a website using: Java 1.7, JSF 2.x.

– Developed a Dashboard with Java 1.7 and JSF/Primefaces

Technologies: Java 1.7, Postgres 9, JavaScript, JSF 2.2, PrimeFaces 4, TomCat 6, Junit 1.x, TDD, Hibernate 4.x, SVN

WA Consulting Nov/2005 to Nov/2013

Project: Scotia Banck(Recontoll), Bosch (Web Portal), Foxconn, CCEE, Prodesp, Droga Raia

Company Business Sector: Outsourcing

Project Business Sector: Government, Automotive, Financial, IT, Pharmaceutical

– Built a frontend with Vaadin framework

– Maintain and develop Store Procedures in Oracle DB 11g.

– Maintain and implement new features in backend systems with Java 1.7

– Implementation of the process Continuous Integration/Delivery on Department of Information of the Technology in Bosh.

– Implementation of good practices of programming based on concepts of Clean Code and others (xp, solid, etc) in Bosch.

– Implementation of new features on Web Portal Bosch.

– Refactoring and implementation of new features in their systems of the shop floor on Foxconn.

– Design and implementation of new shop floor systems on Foxconn

– Implementation of the new system

– Work on an integration of the all systems of the company using SOA approach on CCEE.

– Use of a strong agile culture using techniques like as: feedback, pair programming and also in the use Scrum methodology.

– Development of the most widely used service from state of Sao Paulo called Poupa Tempo.

– Maintain and implement new features on an ERP System using Java 1.7 and mainly Swing.

– Migration of an ERP system to Web Platform.

Technologies: Java 1.7, SqlServer 2008, OracleDB 11g, JavaScript, Vaadin 7, TomCat 7, Junit 1.x, TDD, Hibernate 3.x/4.x, SVN, Maven 2.x, Hudson (nowadays Jenkins), JSF 1.x, Icefaces 3.x, Jboss 7.x, Nexus Repository, Liferay, TDD, Oracle 9g, Eclipse, Swing, EJB 3.x, Spring MVC, WebSphere, Scrum, Spring Batch, Start Team, Eclipse, EJB, SOAP, TopLink, Swing, Eclipse, Oracle Application Server, Struts 1.x, PLSQL, Ibatis 1.x, PHP, Apache Ant.

CPqD Dez/2004 to Set/2005

Project: CPqD Town Hall

Company Business Sector: Government    

Project Business Sector: IT


– Development of a system with Java 1.4 and Struts 1.2.

Technologies: Java 1.4, Struts 1.2, CVS, Jboss, Oracle DB

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